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Car keys, Manufacturers and Security.

in this subject I will be talking about the manufacturers how they work and how they change.

We will start off with BMW most of the earlier e series bmw are started by inserting your key into the key slot then pushing a button to start the vehicles. these systems were vulnerable. locksmith manufactures came out with software to be able make Keys for these systems however in rare occasions more advanced criminals can access this software then make their own copies of the software then use it. The BMW’s that were most prone to these attacks were prior 2011 the cars were being taken by inserting the criminal copy of the software and inserting a bmw key into their device then using the key to start the cars this was fixed in 2011 and every car in this year or newer which used the same systems were fixed also bmw did a recall so any vehicle which went back to bmw after 2011 they would have upgraded the security and fixed the issue. how this has solved is when the criminal uses their copy devices now it would trigger the cars flash in the central access system (cas) unit to be corrupted when this happens the cas unit either needs to be replaced or repaired for the vehicles to start again but once this happens the car becomes dead meaning you cannot do anything with the car at all everything in the car becomes unusable until the cas is attended to. the downside to this is the fix is that its usually expensive but on the bright side the car cannot be stolen. Note this also applies to minis but bmw were more sought after.

Next cars are jaguar and Landrover facing similar issues as Bmw Keys with the copy software and devices, the devices work like bmw keys and Range Rover Keys were mostly targeted. The vehicles most affected were the vehicles prior 2015 and were being stolen by inserting the device not the car then pressing a button when prompted by the device this then programmed the key and allowed the criminal to take the car. However in 2015 all JLR vehicles received a security update and Vehicle prior 2015 were recalled and were given the update after the update was implemented when the criminals tried using their devices it would kill the car meaning it was inoperable unless the KVM was replaced or fixed. The downside to this is that again the fix would be really expensive if taken to a dealer however if taken to a more advanced Locksmith or a JLR specialist as long as they have a dealer tool for this car they would be able to replace the kvm at more than half price of the dealer.

Last we have fords the most targeted were the newer ford transits keys it works similar to the above as long as the criminal could enter the vehicle and turn the ignition on all they would have to do is insert there device and follow the devices prompts which are normally prompted by beeps. the vans were usually taken by a criminal with experience in under 15 to 20 minutes. how ford fixed this issue was by implementing there alarm and to block all communication by any devices as long as the alarm is active the bright side to this is that it protects your car and also it doesn’t kill anything opposite to the previous cars. All you would have to do is either take the car to a dealer or to locksmith with ford dealer software to get around this issue to make you a key to get you back up and running.

At the end of the day all cars can be taken through different methods all car manufacturers can do is try improve and make there security as best as they can. this is to take into consideration and look at extra security options available.

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