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Different ways Locksmith use to enter cars without keys.

We will tell you different methods Locksmiths and Auto Locksmith use to enter vehicles in either a lock out or if there are no keys available

First, we have rods these are normally used by regular locksmiths as they do not need much training to be able to use. How these work are by usually using an inflatable wedge that slip through the door and pries it open then a more solid wedge is put in its place this wedge normally is hollow in the middle to fit the rod which is slid either though that gap or a gap through the door the rod is usually coated in rubber or plastic to protect the door from scratches. the rods have a loop on the end to hook on to the indoor handle then used to pull to open. The upside to this method is that it doesn’t take much practice to learn for locksmith and can be very helpful if the door lock is damaged or inoperable. Downsides are that it can slightly damage the door and this method will not work if the door is deadlocked. If its deadlocked only way to open the door is by using the door lock.

Next, we have a pick which is the safest way to enter the car as it leaves no damage to the car as it acts as a key for the car. Picks are normally used by auto locksmith and takes a lot of practice and training to use as every car uses a different pick and they all work in different ways if not trained properly users can easily damage their tools which is very costly. The great thing about picks are that not only you can gain safe entry into cars you can also make a key blade to the existing locks and is very handy for locksmiths alike for a scenario when there no keys are available and a key is needed to be made.

Last, we have another type of pick however these are not commonly used due to the expense of the tools and that they do the same job as regular picks. The difference with the picks are they are a better version of the previous pick and why they have such a great price tag is because of the efficiency these picks are the fastest way to enter a car which saves time and for some locksmiths this is key. Also, it has a reliable decode this is better when making car keys. Biggest down fall to these picks are that they are extremely fragile and can be broken very easily if you have not had the training or practice needed and are the most costly option available.

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