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What Ford is doing to combat relay attacks.

Relay attacks have become common now for criminals as they have been around for a while and can be easily bought online and from other sources. A relay attack is two electronic pieces of equipment that picks up your cars keyless signal and boosts it to your car so the car thinks the key is near and then the criminal can open and start your car as usual.

Ford is one of the first manufactures to introduce this new technology and they call it sleep mode its available on the new Fiesta and Focus Proximity Keys to protect against keyless entry theft/relay attacks. The all new technology are for Fords fitted with keyless entry systems aka Ford KeyFree. Sleep mode is activated if the key hasn’t been moved for 40 seconds so this means the key will not be emitting its usual signal and thief's wont be able to pick the signal up to steal the victims car.

Simon Hurr, Ford security specialist, said: “The online availability of devices which have no place in public hands has long been a problem for Ford, our industry and crime fighters.

“We are pleased to respond with a simple but effective solution – swiftly implemented to help protect owners of our top-selling cars.”

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