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What is precoding?

precoding is a term normally used by locksmiths and auto locksmith and is a step taken before for some vehicles when programming keys to the car.

Cars that need precoding are keys which the dealer supplies with coding already on the key specific to the car this makes key programming harder for some due to not being able to just cut the key and program in the traditional method as majority of cars. failure to precode the key and attempting to code it in without the data on the key which is necessary for the car to accept it when going through the key learning procedure the car will not recognize the key and kick you out/cancel the learning procedure in some cases this can put the car into a secure state were it will lock the user out and will not allow key programming for a certain amount of time.

How precoding works is you would need to read some data/EEPROM from the car you are working on once you receive the data you must write is to a blank key/transponder chip with no current data currently on it. to write to the key you would need a programmer with an antenna that can read/write keys and place the key into the antenna for the data to be written to the Key or Transponder.

tip for some of the cars that have precoding when received from the dealer or would need precoding these are Mercedes key programming , Fiat key programming , Alpha Romeo key programming , Volkswagen key programming , Audi key programming , Seat key programming , Skoda key programming , Bentley key programming , Lamborghini key programming , Maserati key programming , Porsche key programming , Ford key programming , Vauxhall key programming.

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