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What you need to know when buying a Cylinder lock or Mortice lock.

A lot of people when changing a lock will either leave it to the professionals however for the people that like doing their own handy work here is what you need to know.

For many people it may be obvious but it’s the number one thing and that is the size of the lock many people think the sizes are standard for mortice locks and cylinder locks and that there is only one size due to them not changing a lock before this is false. there many sizes so its important to first remove your existing lock out and measure it correctly for Cylinder Locks you need to measure from the screw hole on both sides and mortice its front to back if you still are unsure the best thing to do would be to remove the locks entirely and take them into the place you are wanting to purchase the lock this way its one less step for you to take. Also, you would have to take the lock out any way this way you will know you will be getting the correct fitment.

Secondly is the levels of security all locks have levels of security which people don’t usually take into consideration and then later disappointed as most insurance company require a certain type of lock. For mortice lock you need at least a 5 lever but make sure you read the information on the packaging it should tell you if it’s a 5 lever also a lot of trusted brand locks will have British standard marks and insurance approval badges on them its important to take note of this if it doesn’t have this information its not recommend to buy as there is no guarantee with the security and how secure it is also if it would fit in the guidelines of the insurance company for the cylinder lock the same principle applies make sure it’s at least an anti-snap these locks don’t normally have the same printing as the other mortice locks as they are usually smaller packed but its still worth taking note if anything is listed.

Fitment is also very important thing you need to take into consideration usually with cylinder lock as long you have bought the correct size you should have any trouble. Although with the mortice locks most are typically straight fits but sometimes if you buy for example a higher security lock as you are wanting an upgrade the locks width could be slightly thicker due to extra security plated enforced on the out sides of the Lock this is one thing to also take note when purchasing Lock.

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