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Why home security is important.

We have come along way with security over the years and as technology improves, we will keep heading up, but many houses are still at basic levels here are some security upgrades you can have and why we think there important.

Number one we have Cylinder Locks which are normally found on UPVC doors. Many uPVC doors come factory fitted with basic locks which are basic or very low-level security these locks are very easily broken by criminals usually who snap them and doesn’t take much effort to bypass. this is bad because it doesn’t take criminals long and the criminals can easily make their way into your property another reason is that most locks are also not insurance approved so if you ever are in an unfortunate situation were you have been burgled you would not be insured for this reason. How you can overcome these problems would be to get the lock changed and get an anti-snap, anti-drill and anti-pick lock these are normally enough to deter most criminals and keep your insurance happy these would be the lower end of security but will still be able to do the job you have other alternative Locks you can buy higher security Lock but you will be looking at higher price tags.

Next we have Mortice lock that are usually found on wooden doors these doors again have the same problem as the cylinder locks which they are not very secure so with enough force could be kicked down by criminals the other issue is again with the insurance approved locks how to solve these would to get a locksmiths or yourself to change the existing lock for a 5 lever insurance approved locks ideally with saw proof bolts and drill proof plating. Just by changing something as little as the Locks on your door you would add a huge amount of security on the door making the door much more secure and resilient to criminal activity also you would be making sure you are within your regulations of your insurance company .

Last we have alarm systems most properties don’t have any form of alarms again they are different alarms you can have higher priced and lower priced the basic alarm would pick up any movement in your property once its set and would just sound and should scare the victim off but you can have more advanced alarms that show you witch specific sensors go off so you can figure out how the criminals entered and secure them entrances. These are good because its an extra thing that is between you and your possessions and the criminal.

We have gone over the basics that most properties should take into consideration but there are lot of ways you can secure your property that we have not gone over like cameras. But one thing you need to understand even if you buy the most advanced lock/alarm etc these can still be bypassed by more advanced criminals the whole point is to delay the criminal time scale for a basic lock to be broken would by an advanced criminal would literally be seconds were as a basic higher security lock could take them hours which in most cases is more than enough to deter them and give you a chance to intercept.

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