Central locking in a car plays a big part in our daily routines and is easily a over looked necessity. Sometimes these can stop working and leave us in a pickle. Here are some common reasons to why central locking not working and to help youtake some steps beforeconsidering a Replacement Car Key.

Reason no.1 which is often the case in many scenarios and is the simplest to fix. That is to replace the battery in your car key for a new one. There are many guides online like YouTube were you can find how to remove the battery from your key and replace it with a new one.

Reason no.2 would be that the metal battery clips in the Car key that normally touch the battery and makes connection to the circuit board and allows power to go to board. The clips may not be touching the battery or it may not be touching the points on the circuit board which is not completing the circuit. You can bend the metal clips to shape them to try and get a better connection with the battery and also the circuit board points. Although in other cases the clips may be missing all together.

Reason no.3 the Car Key remote may need re-syncing to your car. This could be due to the battery being out of your key for too long or it could be because you have not used your Remote Key Car Keys for a while. In some cases especially on older cars you can manually try to re-sync your car keys remote in you also can find guides for car key programming procedures online such as forums, YouTube etc. If it can’t be done manually you can try to program it diagnostically you can get an auto locksmith like our selves to get the job done. Alternatively you could try and find some one with the right equipment for example a garage.

Reason no.4 could be that the fuse for the central lock in your car may have gone. To check for this look in your car manual and try locate were the fuse box is. Look at the diagram to see which fuse is for the central locking. Remove the fuse for the central locking and test it if you can with a multi-meter if not go somewhere you can get it tested. If you can’t try buying a replacement fuse and putting it in and see if that does the trick.

Reason no.5 is also a big reason to why the central locking may not be working. That is the buttons on your circuit board are worn or broken so you have nothing to click to complete the the circuit. These buttons can be replaced by unsoldering your existing damaged buttons and re-soldering them with brand new ones. Also it is recommended to replace your car key case if it is quite worn. Here at euro locksmith we can provide replacement buttons and cases on request.

Reason no.6 it could just be that your circuit board is damaged all together and you may need a replacment car key or remote all together. The reasons may be you have dropped it and the board has managed to crack, a component has broken off or you have dropped it in water making it water damaged. Whatever the problem may be we can help. Here at Euro Locksmith we offer a full diagnosis of the key for free. We can check if the key is emitting a frequency or not and then run a few tests from there and guide you on what steps to take next.

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