We all have access to our cars through manual procedures only thing is most people do not know how to go about these methods. We are here to tell you how.

First of all we will start with flip keys. On these keys it is not hard to notice on the key that there is a button and once pressed a metal bladed key will flip out. Once the key is flipped out you may notice an exposed door lock either on the drivers or passengers insert the key and turn to unlock. If there is no exposed door lock do not worry there is still a lock on the door but they are hidden. For these hidden locks look at the door handle either passengers or drivers which ever applies to you. The handle you pull that should be left alone but on the side of the handle you will notice a part witch does not pull. Look at this part in most cases there will be a embossed picture of a key or a arrow pointing down. Look under this part of the handle you should see a small rectangular cut out get your key and push the key all the way in it should remove the cap if that dosent work put it in and you may have to twist and the cap should remove revealing the door lock. Once the door lock is revealed you can use your key.

Next up we will move onto the keys that don’t require a metal bladed keys to turn the ignition and start the car. On these there are still keys to be used in the door but they are hidden within the key. There are many videos/guides to remove these keys and there should In some cases have the process in your car manual. The most common way to remove these keys are were you would attach a ring on the key next to that there should be either a button or a switch once they are being held down you can remove the key by normally pulling them out. This process is for most keys but always
double check the process from a trusted source to avoid potentially damaging the key. Once these keys are removed you either insert them into the exposed lock and turn to unlock if the lock is not exposed the same procedure normally applies as mentioned in the last paragraph.

Helpful tips:
– Japanese cars on drivers door you turn left to unlock.
– Indian cars on drivers door you turn left to unlock.
– German cars on drivers door you turn right to unlock.
– French cars on drivers door you turn right to unlock.
– American cars on drivers door you turn left to unlock.

All key turning directions are the opposite for passengers door.
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