If you have ever fallen into the situation were your key has been damaged or need repairing and unsure what to do. Here we have some tips to steer you in the right direction.

We will start with the basic keys which are the standard keys which consists a key blade and a head we’re the transponder is stored.

On these keys the key blade can snap also the hole made for a key ring to be attached can also break. The main things on these keys to keep safe are the key blade (if broken keep all pieces of the blade) and the transponder which should be imbedded in the head of the key. Keeping both of these will save you money. Solution for these keys are to is either taking it to a local Locksmith or to a Auto Locksmith like ourselves. They will cut a new key and will transfer your transponder into the new key. A good Auto Locksmith/Locksmith should cut the key by code back to factory spec.

Secondly we have the key with an exposed key blade with a remote embedded in the head of the key. On these keys the blades can break away from the key which leaves the key blade and remote separate. Another thing is the key can crack next to the screw and the screw can fall out. Also the buttons on the key can get worn/damaged and stop working. All of these can be repaired. Main things to keep safe are the key blade the transponder and the circuit board as all of these will save you money.

Next up we have flip keys what can go wrong on these keys are. The flip button mechanism. If the key gets a crack were it is attached to (next to a pin) the key blade can fall off. Another thing is that the buttons can wear and the rubber can rip. and same as the last the buttons can also get damaged and would need replacing. The main pieces to keep safe are the board and the transponder which is normally integrated on the circuit board. The key blade and also the metal battery clip that makes connection with the battery and the board allowing the central locking to work.

Last of all we have proximity keys (keyless entry) on these keys normally the button pads can break and again the actual buttons on the circuit board can break or get damaged these are most common and can be fixed. Also on the proximity keys they have a coil which allows the keyless functionality to work this cannot be repaired and would need a replacement from an Auto Locksmith like ourselves. What to keep safe on these keys are the board ideally left in its case and the emergency keys (if you have one).

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