Lost car keys. We all can agree that losing a belonging can be very annoying and stressful whether it being a car key, phone or simply just the television remote. Here are some routes you could go down if you was to ever fall in the situation of losing your car keys.

Option number one would probably be the most expensive option. That would be to contact your vehicle manufacturer dealership and request for keys to be made for your vehicle. This option normally works out very expensive and you could get hit with a very hefty bill. Not to mention if you have no keys or way to get your car mobile to the dealer you would have to get your vehicle towed which would be an extra cost. Also with dealers they would have to order your key specifically to your vehicle and the wait time on average is 2 weeks sometimes more. With your keys being lost/stolen dealers would also want you to change the locks which would result in a extra cost. In the end you would receive your keys but not after a long wait and being faced with a huge bill.

Another option would be to contact your vehicle insurance company to see if you have lost car key coverage. Due to some insurance company’s offering this service. This could also be an option but providing your insurance can provide this and you do have the coverage. Normally the insurance company would want you to wait 3 days for your car keys to be classified as lost before going for any further. There may also be a hidden charge for vehicle recovery.

Alternatively you could contact your vehicle break down company. This option more times than not would not come under your policy. This also could turn out to be an extra charge. Many break down company’s would have very limited vans that have the right equipment to take on the task. Normally they would call an auto locksmith like ourselves if they are unable complete the job or cannot take the job on at all.

The last option but by far the easiest option would be to call an Auto Locksmith like ourselves we can provide a simple and stress free solution. All you would have to do is call us up for a free quotation giving us the make, model and registration of your car. If you would require our service we normally would get the job done same day or next day and hand you over your brand new keys and get you back on the road it’s as simple as that. Not only would we provide an easy process our prices are low and reasonable to and we are up to 75% cheaper than main dealers saving you money. There would be no worry about getting your car towed because we offer fully mobile service and make your car keys on site.

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