Why should you get a spare car key?

The question is not often asked and mostly avoided because of the expense. But in the long run it can save you a hefty amount of money.

The first reason would be the money it will save you in the long run if you ever was to lose your key. Weather you go to dealers or your local auto Locksmith it will always be cheaper to get a spare done.

The second reason would be if you like keeping your car smart and in shape or putting it up for sale. Weather it is your own loved vehicle which you you have owned for a while and wanting a change or if your buying from auction with only one key. A spare key will always be an extra selling point for your car to be differentiated from the other cars on the market and put it in a position to sell faster and in some cases for a higher amount.

Another reason would be piece of mind and a sense of security if you ever go for a spare in most cases the person who is programming the keys can erase the old keys witch have have been lost or stolen. So you will have full confidence you are the only person to have the working keys for your car.

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